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One of the keys to a perfect product is the accurate measurement of its surfaces. We manufacture powerful multi-sensor metrology tools that do exactly that. Our optical profilometers determine roughness, profile, flatness, topography, sample thickness and many other surface parameters while setting new standards. The non-contact profilometers measure your samples quickly and non-destructively. Our high quality surface metrology tools are used in various sectors such as development, FA, manufacturing and quality control.

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multi-sensor thermal load configuration

Optical sensors - fast, flexible, accurate and contact free

The proven multi-sensor technology of FRT enables the combination of different technologies and measuring ranges in one optical profilometer. According to your measuring applications and needs, we combine chromatic sensors, white light interferometers, confocal microscopes, various film thickness sensors, an atomic force microscope (AFM), as well as a thermal load unit. With the MicroProf® measuring system you gain maximum you gain maximum flexibility and time savings because of the non-destructive analysis of surface structures.

easy to use MicroProf

Optical profilometers - very robust, future-proof and easy to use

The MicroProf® universal surface measuring tools are very versatile and modular measuring systems. Whether as a table-top unit or a fully automated measuring system - it can be used in R&D as well as in production. No matter whether you want to measure profiles, areas, roughness, flatness, topography, layer thicknesses or many other parameters - the MicroProf® profilometer makes it possible as a true all-rounder with sub-nanometer precision. The MicroProf® is easy to use, very robust, future-proof and delivers results fast.

Solving complex measuring applications

Based on our multi-sensor concept, the measurement of topography, sample thickness and film thickness is available in one metrology tool. The configuration combines sensors which use various optical measurement methods. Below you will find 7 exemplary applications, which we present to you with our Metrology Capability banners: 1) roughness of a Si wafer, 2) step height and width of a quartz coil, 3) flatness of a sealing surface, 4) wafer thickness / total thickness variation (TTV) of a Si wafer, 5) thin film and layer stack measurement of a photoresist on a Si wafer, 6) hybrid metrology.



DIN/ISO-compliant roughness and waviness measurement


Area measurement of a polished Si wafer, sRa = 0.766 nm


Profile measurement of a Si wafer, Ra = 13.8 nm



Step height and width measurement


Step height and width of a quartz coil


Profile measurement along the red line, step height and width analysis



Flatness measurement


Sealing surface, flatness not within spec


Sealing surface, flatness within spec



SEMI-compliant thickness and TTV measurement


Full wafer thickness map in 3D view, polished Si wafer


4 profiles of a polished Si wafer showing thickness variation



Thin film and layer stack measurement


Photoresist on a Si wafer


Film thickness of a stack: SiO2 film on a polycarbonate substrate



Combination of different sensor, automated calculation of the desired sample parameters



Example of hybrid mertrology

Multi-sensor technology simply explained

In the following video we will show you the advantages of the multi-sensor technology in a simple way. See for yourself how you can benefit from a FRT surface measuring tool.

Are you interested in our measuring tools? Do you have questions about specific applications and sensor configurations?

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The MicroProf® series of multi-sensor measuring tools

Now in it's third generation of multi-sensor surface measuring tools, the MicroProf® enables a multitude of measuring tasks to be performed quickly, efficiently and intuitively. As an established standard profilometer in modern 3D surface metrology, the MicroProf® provides high-precision metrology solutions. We are particularly specialized in the semiconductor and MEMS industries, but we are also well versed in industries such as automotive, engineering, sapphire, photovoltaic, medical, optics and packaging industries.

MicroProf® 100

  • compact desktop tool
  • 150 mm x 100 mm measuring range (lateral)
  • high measuring speed, max. 200 mm/s
  • manual and automated measurement and evaluation
  • individually configurable
  • TTV option for double-sided measurement

MicroProf® MHU

  • material handling unit with dual-arm robot
  • high throughput, up to 200 w/h
  • loading station for open cassettes
  • OCR reader / Pre-aligner
  • sorting function for the separation of pass or fail samples
  • optional SECS/GEM interface

MicroProf® 200

  • stand-alone tool
  • 250 mm x 200 mm measuring range (lateral)
  • high throughput, max. measuring speed 300 mm/sec
  • the standard - several hundred systems installed worldwide
  • fully automated and integrated manufacturing system (optional)
  • individually configurable

MicroProf® FE

  • fully automated 2D and 3D surface metrology for Front End applications
  • multi-sensor technology, based on the MicroProf® 300 platform
  • specific inline solution
  • wafer handling robot
  • equipment Front End Module (EFEM)

MicroProf® 300

  • stand-alone tool
  • 415 mm x 305 mm measuring range (lateral)
  • high throughput, max. measuring speed 300 mm/sec
  • fully automated and integrated production tool (optional)
  • individually configurable
  • TTV option for double-sided measurement

MicroProf® FS

  • multi-sensor technology and hybrid metrology for MEMS and Foundries
  • customizable for a wide range of applications within the Wafer Foundry
  • standardized and customer-specific solutions
  • greatest possible flexibility
  • handling of diverse substrate types
  • powerful software for fully automated 2D and 3D surface metrology
  • equipment Front End Module (EFEM)

MicroProf® DI

  • High-precision optical surface inspection for semiconductor applications
  • Metrology and Inspection flexibly combined in one fully automated platform
  • Defect inspection with singleshot module, step camera and microscope station
  • Fast and reliable inspection of defects down to sub-μm range
  • Dark field micro inspection and bright field macro inspection

MicroProf® AP

  • flexible multi-sensor metrology tool for advanced packaging
  • for every process step from TSV etching, RDL/UBM/bumping to Cu nail reveal, dicing, stacking and molding
  • wafer handling unit with SEMI-standard FOUPs/FOSBs and open cassettes
  • individual configuration for your specific applications
  • retrofit on demand

Are you interested in our measuring tools? Do you have questions about specific applications and sensor configurations?

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