Our Technologies: point, line and field of view sensors, optionally atomic force microscopy

Whether you want to measure the topography, the sample thickness or the film thickness of your samples without contact, the versatile 3D surface measurement technology from FRT can be used universally due to the proven optical multi-sensor technology. Various optical measurement methods, which are only available as individual solutions elsewhere, have been combined into a universal, space-saving device.

Based on our multi-sensor concept, the 3D surface measuring devices can be equipped with point, line and field of view sensors for topography analysis as well as with film thickness sensors. In addition, atomic force microscopy can also be applied. As a result, complex measurement tasks can be solved with the use of different sensors by collecting the data from each sensor and subsequently combining the different results. The decisive step is now that the instrument, respectively the recipe used, knows the complete measuring task and fully implements it. This means not only the data collection with all necessary sensors is automated, but the software also records the different results and calculates the desired parameters.

Depending on your requirements, you get a quick overview over the entire sample, as well as high-resolution detail measurements. From the manual measurement and evaluation to the fully automatic execution of sample handling, data collection and analysis, you can determine the degree of automation by selecting the appropriate software and hardware components.

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  • optical 3D surface metrology
  • measurement of roughness, topography, layer thickness etc.
  • multi-sensor technology
  • in-house sensor development
  • fast and accurate measurement
  • high repeatability and reproducibility
  • modular hardware configuration


The FRT software is one of our core competencies and a major reason for the success of our metrology tools. From the word "go" an in-house development, the software has become an extremely powerful part of our product series based on vast experience and a lot of customer feedback - without shedding the easy handling and customisable solutions. In times of industry 4.0 and increasing automation, FRT has no problems to hold its own at the top of the market. Our customers can benefit from this advantage.

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Highlights Software

  • extremely powerful
  • flexible and customisable
  • intuitive handling
  • upgradable



Mark III – Comfortable and conclusive evaluation

FRT Mark III is the analysis software for the evaluation of surface and profile measurements. Mark III allows the easy and efficient evaluation of surface structures and parameters according to common international standards (DIN EN ISO, SEMI, etc.). Our versatile 3D view represents the surface data in realistic detail.

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Acquire – Compact and reliable

The Acquire software controls the FRT metrology tools and all sensors. This software allows fast and easy manual measurements. Combining Acquire with Mark III analysis software ensures an accurate and efficient evaluation of the measured data.

Acquire Automation XT – the key to Industry 4.0

Acquire Automation XT measures the modules, evaluates the measured data, and logs the results - and all fully automated. Easy recipe creation, multi-sensor measurement or hybrid metrology, compliance with the industry standards, complex measurement tasks - all this is standard in Acquire Automation XT. Due to the inclusion of different robot systems and interfaces for remote control full integration into any production process is made easy.