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Our experts train you in the field of optical surface metrology and inspection. Benefit from the unique wealth of experience of our specialists and gain valuable knowledge for your success. We would be delighted to develop the training content based on your individual requirements.

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  • Hands-on courses at various measuring tools and sensors
  • Experienced professionals share their experience and knowledge
  • Mediation of very individual learning contents for more success
  • Gain the decisive knowledge and development advantage

Increase your success through knowledge

The demands on employees and technology are increasing in everyday operations. This also applies to surface metrology. The development here is so rapid that the user can hardly be up to date with the latest information. Especially newer methods for measuring surfaces often provide the decisive knowledge and development advantage. For that reason, in addition to the knowledge of applied methods, the quantitative evaluation of surfaces as well as the know-how of surface parameters and their significance are also required. The greater your specialist knowledge, the better you can assess your measuring tasks and ultimately make optimum use of the measuring technology available to you.

You can find more information in the MetrologyTuesday article:

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Our experts from the various specialist departments will draw up an individual training plan based on your training request and your level of knowledge.

Practical training content is taught directly on the machine and in the software.

Increase your success through valuable knowledge.

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