MicroProf® 100

Highlights MicroProf® 100

  • compact desktop tool
  • 150 mm x 100 mm measuring range (lateral)
  • high measuring speed, max. 200 mm/s
  • manual and automated measurement and evaluation
  • individually configurable
  • TTV option for double-sided measurement

MicroProf® 100

The MicroProf® 100 is the universal surface metrology tool for the fast and easy determination of topography, roughness and layer thickness. Although it is a compact desktop tool and, therefore, the smallest member of the MicroProf® series, the MicroProf® 100 still offers the full performance of the product line.

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TTV Option

Both, the tabletop tool and the standalone systems of the MicroProf® series include the option for two-sided sample inspection. This enables for measurement of the top and bottom side of the sample simultaneously and determination of the sample thickness. The total thickness variation (TTV) of the sample can be determined along with surface parameters, e.g. the roughness, waviness and flatness of both surfaces. The TTV option can be easily retrofitted on site.

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