MicroProf® DI

Highlights MicroProf® DI

  • High-precision optical surface inspection for semiconductor applications
  • Metrology and Inspection flexibly combined in one fully automated platform
  • Defect inspection with singleshot module, step camera and microscope station
  • Fast and reliable inspection of defects down to sub-μm range
  • Dark field micro inspection and bright field macro inspection

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The standard fully automated wafer metrology tools – FE, FS, AP and DI

The standard fully automated  wafer metrology tools – FE, FS, AP and DI -  combine the capabilities of the worldwide established MicroProf® 300, with a wafer handling system within an Equipment Front End Module (EFEM). With fully SEMI-compliant metrology  solutions and almost maintenance-free hardware components,  the MicroProf® with EFEM is configurable for any front end high-volume fab (FE), for a wide range of applications in the silicon wafer foundry (FS), applications at different  3D packaging process steps (AP) or comprehensive inspection applications (DI).



Innovative illumination concept

The innovative illumination concept of the MicroProf® DI makes a variety of defect types visible and detects local failures, inclusions and other defects regardless of their position. The MicroProf® DI includes several modules like optical inspection and classification of defects via single-shot and step module, review of defects via a high-precision microscope and comprehensive multi-sensor metrology with different topography and film thickness sensors.

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Perfect for every HVM wafer fab

With a wafer handling system within an Equipment Front End Module (EFEM) and almost maintenance free hardware components, the MicroProf® DI provides high throughput and perfectly fit in any HVM wafer fab. The system can be configured for 12'', 8'' and 6'' wafers, both exclusively or as a bridge tool that allows the handling of two wafer sizes in one system. It can also be configured to handle non-SEMI standard wafers, such as highly warped wafers (e.g. eLWB), bonded wafers, wafers on tape, TAIKO, bare and thinned wafers and also panels. The handling unit features a single-arm robot with end effector, two load ports including mapper and RFID reader, pre-aligner and, if required, OCR reader stations. The MicroProf® DI is equipped with Filter Fan Units (FFU), which ensure ISO class 3 clean room conditions in the tool. For integration into the shop floor automation, the tool is equipped with a SECS/GEM data interface.




Defect inspection software

Our defect inspection software provides effective visualization, versatile processing and fast generation of wafer maps as well as precise quantification and comprehensible documentation of defects. The software enables the user to display different views of a selected data set, e.g. wafer map and defect list with number, position, size and grey value of the respective defects. The software provides a wafer map showing the location of each defect in the selected data set. The defects are assigned according to user-defined criteria and synchronized with the defect list.


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