Everything tight! Optical measurement technology for quality control of seals and sealing surfaces

Secure sealing is a major technical challenge in many industries. For example, seals are used in the automotive industry, in the chemical industry and in the field of energy technology. The medical technology, the food industry as well as the vacuum and ultra high vacuum technology are other industries which are also dependent on high-quality technical seals.

The diverse operating conditions and sealing requirements are met with a wide range of technical solutions. Whether flange gaskets, flat gaskets, O-rings, ring-joint seals or other – used in machinery and equipment, they must reliably seal and prevent the transfer of gases or liquids from one area to the other. Of course, this also applies to the sealing surfaces of components (for example, valves).

The very different operating conditions lead to a large number of materials and geometries which are used for seals. Properties such as surface quality (e.g., roughness, waviness, flatness, and contour) are of great importance in terms of the seal capability. The thickness of coatings or sealing strips must also be adjusted precisely in order to ensure the functionality.

FRT’s surface measurement technology enables non-contact and non-destructive measurement of density elements and surfaces to determine measurement parameters such as roughness, waviness, flatness, thickness variation, contour offset between upper and lower surfaces, film thickness and much more. Thanks to our multi-sensor concept, the surface measuring instruments of the MicroProf® series can be tailored to your individual measurement task. Further topography or film thickness sensors can also be retrofitted at a later date. In addition, you can extend the MicroProf® devices for the two-sided sample inspection, which simultaneously performs measurements on the top and bottom of the seals. Thus, both the thickness of the component and the topography of both sides can be determined within a single measurement process.

With the MicroProf® TL it is possible to perform a topographic evaluation of seals under thermal load. This is essential, since changes in the seals can lead to loss of the seal due to thermal stress. The MicroProf® TL can be used to determine the behavior of seals under working conditions as well as to simulate different process steps. The MicroProf® TL is based entirely on the proven technology of the MicroProf® series. The thermo unit is also available as an extension for all FRT instruments and is mounted as a separate module like a normal sample holder. Large round and rotationally symmetrical samples can be analyzed with the MicroGlider® series. Equipped with a rotary table, they also enable the measurement of heavy components.

Our measuring systems offer both manual measuring and evaluation of profiles and surfaces as well as an automated process. In the latter case, you individually prepare your measurement recipe and then receive a detailed result report. Whether automated, manual or two-sided measurements – contact us and use the experience of our experts. We will be glad to advise you and help you solve your measuring task successfully!

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