FRT measuring instruments help to realize ambitious roadmaps in the sapphire and LED industry.

Whatever is produced, no matter from which material and in what quantities – perfect quality can only be achieved by consistently high perfection. And this must be constantly controlled. Sensors and measurement technology can help to increase productivity in process control and thus reduce production costs. The FRT metrology technology creates optimal conditions for the ideal coordination of the individual steps in a process chain.

The characterization of sapphire wafers includes the determination of topography and roughness in different process steps for example after sawing, grinding, polishing or before and after coating. In addition, many other parameters such as thickness variation (TTV,”Total Thickness Variation”), flatness (TIR,”Total Indicator Reading”), deflection (Bow, Warp or Sag) as well as various global and local wafer parameters have to be determined as quickly and precisely as possible. However, the thickness of coatings such as photoresist or epitaxially grown materials must also be controlled during the production of optical or electronic components. The processes used in the production process, such as chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) and photolithography, require the highest possible flatness of the substrate wafers down to the edge area in order to keep edge exclusion as low as possible. A drop in the edge geometry of the wafer leads to rejects in these areas. Optical, non-contact profile measurements over the wafer edge enable fast, precise and standard-compliant (SEMI M77-1110) determination of the roll-off-amount of a wafer.

With the MicroProf® MHU, FRT offers a measurement solution that is fully integrated into the production process. The MicroProf® MHU has a fully automatic wafer handling unit that achieves throughput rates of over 200 wafers per hour. It offers a user-defined recipe creation, automatic evaluation of the measured data and a SEMI-compliant SECS/GEM interface for connection to the Fab Host. The samples can also be sorted according to individual customer specifications. In addition to global parameters, a local thickness variation (LTV) of the wafers can also be determined and displayed in a local wafer map. Thanks to the modular multi-sensor concept, the devices can also keep up with ambitious roadmaps of the industry.

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