Nowadays electronic devices are indispensable – PCBs make it possible

Nearly every electronic device has one or more PCBs that are used to mechanically mount and electrically connect electronic components. We offer optical surface measurement technologies for a wide range of PCB applications. Some of them are illustrated here.

With our 3D surface measuring tools of the well proven MicroProf® series, area measurements as well as single and multiple profiles can be recorded without contact. Automated mapping of the samples as well as automated evaluation and reporting of the measurements is possible. Roughness can be determined down to the sub-nanometer range and topography measurements of the sample surface can be performed.

Our MicroProf® 200 and MicroProf® 300 tools also offer the option of double-sided sample measurement. This allows simultaneous measurement of the top and bottom surfaces of the sample and thus the determination of the sample thickness. Therefore the total thickness variation (TTV) of the sample together with surface parameters such as roughness, flatness and parallelism of both surfaces can be determined.

The MicroProf® 100 is a table top tool which also has the TTV option – if the samples are slightly smaller or if there is too little space. Like every other system in the MicroProf® series, this small footprint model is also based on the multi-sensor concept.

Especially for PCB applications we offer the MicroProf® series with a thermal unit. The TL model has a fully integrated heating and cooling stage, the sample behavior under thermal load working conditions can be determined and various process steps can be simulated.

A further area of our tools is the thickness determination of coatings, e.g. insulating and protective layers, in the form of single thin films or layer stacks. Layer thicknesses down to several nanometers can be determined with the vertical resolution being in the sub-nanometer range. With the MicroProf® series, a 100% inspection is possible after each process step.

We certainly have a solution for your specific application. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our experts will be glad to take care of your needs and work out individual solutions for you.

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