Certainly the desired quality - Impressive imprint thanks to optical measuring technology

Packaging production for branded products is no longer just a question of print quality and repeatability. The quality and features of packaging are decisive factors in terms of quality perception and consumer recognition. Especially in the areas of cigarettes, medicines, perfume and cosmetics, packaging is increasingly taking on the task of protecting against counterfeiting. Accordingly, packaging manufacturers are making increasing efforts to structure surfaces to protect them against counterfeiting (fraud detection). Various security features such as micro inscriptions and structures, embossments, lacquers, as well as various codes and invisible elements or combinations are used here.

In addition to counterfeit-proof packaging, cost-effectiveness also plays an important role. For this purpose, for example, the thickness of the paint application must be examined in order to guarantee optimum quality with minimum ink coating.

The quality of a finished print depends largely on the condition of the embossing roller used. The knowledge of the surface topography and, above all, the wear of the embossing roller are of great importance in both production and quality control. This is because the embossing rollers undergo constant wear during operation. Depending on the application, the prepared embossing may be inaccurate after use. Until now, only the finished product shows the state of wear of the embossing rollers. Wear of embossing rollers leads to an indistinct and unclean appearance of the embossing. In an extreme case, parts of the structure are missing on the packaging.

With FRT’s 3D surface measurement devices, you have various established solutions for the quality control of your packaging and embossing tools – including mobile. Whether laboratory, development or production – with the multi-sensor measuring devices from the MicroProf® series, you can measure your packaging with high resolution without contact and therefore without damage.

With the FRT surface measuring devices, you can quickly and easily measure 2D profiles as well as the topography (3D) of the safety features and embossing tools. Embossing heights / depths, the line height of textured lacquer, as well as the degree of wear of the embossing tools, etc. Our MicroProf® gives you a high degree of flexibility with regard to possible measuring ranges, resolution and the use of different sensors. The optical topography measurement can be easily combined with a film thickness measurement. Standard roughness measurements are just as easy as measuring the structural height – whether manually or automatically.

We certainly have a solution for your specific application. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our experts will be glad to take care of your needs and work out individual solutions for you.

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