Part 4/5: Software package for overlay measurement

SERIES Acquire Automation XT – FRT's Powerful Multi-Sensor Software

Nowadays 3D IC production consists of a sequence of steps, where, for instance, a new material layer is often placed on the existing structure. In this way, transistors, contacts, etc. are built up both laterally and vertically. Any kind of misalignment can cause short circuits and connection failures. In order for the final device to function correctly, these separate patterns must be aligned with the highest accuracy.

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A new software package for Acquire Automation XT offers fully automated measurement and analysis of the overlay offset in x- and y-direction as well as the rotation of microstructures. The function can be used on high resolution camera images as well as FRT's field of view sensors like the CFM (DT).

This software feature combined with FRT's powerful sensor range efficiently helps manufacturers of modern 3D IC components to improve processes and increase production yield.

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