Topography measurement under thermal load


In order to always meet current customer demands, we have expanded our product portfolio and offer our surface metrology tools with an optional thermo unit.

Our thermo unit with fully integrated heating and cooling stage enables high-precision temperature control of samples. The temperature range goes from 10°C or -80°C (liquid nitrogen cooling) up to 400°C with a fast heating and cooling rate and a homogeneous temperature distribution on the sample surface. The temperature is set via a closed control circuit. Measurements can thus be carried out both at a constant temperature and while driving a temperature ramp.

The thermo unit is available in various sizes and is simply mounted on the MicroProf® sample stage. The thermo unit can be cooled with different media and operated with various ambient conditions.

Possible applications for our versatile thermo unit can be found, for example, in the field of electronic components. Here temperature-induced deformations of individual materials of a printed circuit board can lead to cracks. Individual components can be better matched to each other by evaluating the temperature-dependent behavior of the materials used in the construction process previously. Thus, the thermal durability of the resulting component can be increased. The topography can now also be measured as a function of temperature. Deformations of a sample due to thermal influences, as well as shape stability under defined ambient temperatures can now be determined with the help of FRT products. Especially in the area of 3D IC this is increasingly required. The thermo unit is available as an extension for all FRT measuring tools and is mounted as a separate module like a normal sample holder.

Use our thermo unit in the MicroProf® TL and get flexibility and reliability for your future measuring tasks. Like the other MicroProf® tools, the 'TL' (thermal load) is an optical surface measuring tool for fully automated 3D surface measurements in a wide variety of applications. PCB design and simulation, 3D IC's, MEMS, stacked wafers and failure analysis are just some of the main applications.

In addition to temperature-dependent topography measurements, the microDAC® TL, which includes a 2D deformation sensor from CWM, can be added to the tool. Additionally to the measurements outside the plane (warpage) the microDAC® TL allows the analysis of deformations in plane from single electrical components up to complete modules. With the high-precision camera setup, global and local deformation fields can be measured with an accuracy of up to 50 nm. The field of application is the detection of weak points of electronic components under internal or external loads, such as temperature-related deformations or deformations due to assembly. The system is especially beneficial in combination with numerical simulation. As input for the simulation both thermo-mechanical material data can be determined and the simulation results can be verified on the basis of deformations.

In combination with the FRT software Acquire Automation XT, the MicroProf® TL can execute fully automatic temperature profiles. The user can set target temperatures, temperature ramps and dwell times to be used during the process. It is also possible to define target values at which topography and deformation measurements are performed in the heating/cooling process. A permanent temperature logging is available, optionally a second temperature probe can be added to control the temperature at special locations on the sample.

In this way, the MicroProf® TL can be used to characterize the lateral and vertical deformation of samples under thermal load. The behavior of components under working conditions can be determined and various process steps can be simulated. The MicroProf® TL is completely based on the established technology of the MicroProf® series.

We certainly have a solution for your specific task. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our experts will be glad to take care of your needs and work out individual solutions for you.



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