The MicroProf® family is growing: The MicroProf® TL

The FRT MicroProf® TL is the newest member of the MicroProf® series. Like any other MicroProf®, the ‘TL’ (thermal load) is an optical surface measuring tool for fully automatic 3D surface measurements for a wide range of applications. PCB design and simulation, 3D ICs, MEMS, stacked wafers and failure analysis are just some of the main applications.

The special feature of the MicroProf® TL is its thermo unit with a fully integrated heating and cooling chamber. The temperature range extends from 10° C to -80° C (liquid nitrogen cooling) up to 400° C with a fast heating and cooling rate and a homogeneous temperature distribution on the sample surface.

In addition to topography measurements, the system can be extended by the microDAC® TL, which incorporates a 2D deformation sensor from CWM. With the high-precision camera setup, global and local deformation fields can be measured with accuracy down to 50 nm. In this way, the lateral and vertical deformation of the specimens can be characterized under thermal load. This can be used to determine the behavior of components under working conditions, as well as to simulate different process steps.

In combination with the FRT Acquire Automation XT software, the MicroProf® TL can perform fully automatic temperature profiles. The user can set target temperatures, temperature ramps, and dwell times during the process. Set points can also be defined during which topography and deformation measurements take place in the heating/cooling process. A permanent temperature logging is available, optionally a second temperature probe can be added to monitor the temperature at specific locations on the sample.

The MicroProf® TL is based entirely on the well proven technology of the MicroProf® series.

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