You always know who is putting today: the MicroProf® MHU

For many industrial applications it is necessary to perform measurements fully automatically with high throughput rates. For this purpose an automatic handling of the samples is necessary. The FRT MicroProf® MHU is specially designed for the semiconductor, MEMS and LED industry and can be easily configured for various sample (wafer) types. The handling unit has a robot arm with two vacuum end effectors, a loading station for open cassettes including mapper, as well as optional OCR reader, pre-aligner etc. It is capable of processing wafer sizes from 2 to 12 inches. Depending on the configuration, up to 4 cassettes can be processed. Throughput rates of up to 200 wafers per hour are achieved. The tool can be equipped with numerous additional functions. Based on the multi-sensor concept, additional sensors can be retrofitted at a later date.

Some applications are shown here as examples. Typical strengths of the MicroProf® MHU lie in the measurement of bare wafers as well as structured and coated wafers in the various lithographic process steps. Of course there is also the option for two-sided sample measurement which allows for the simultaneous measurement of top and bottom surfaces and thus the determination of the sample thickness. The total thickness variation (TTV) of the sample can be measured together with surface parameters such as roughness, waviness and flatness of both sides. A complete wafer shape measurement is also possible, with analysis of the global and local wafer parameters. A sorting function is available for the sorting of good and bad samples. A further area of the MicroProf® MHU is the layer thickness determination of thin films, as well as layer stacks. Further applications are, for example, the measurement of step heights, bumps, vias (TSV), trenches, etc.

Due to its fully SEMI-compliant design, almost maintenance-free hardware components and its high throughput, the MicroProf® MHU is the perfect solution to significantly reduce the effort required for quality assurance.

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