The first Metrology Tuesday in the new look with the MicroProf® FS

The FRT MicroProf® FS is a fully automatic device for wafer metrology, which can be adapted to many applications.

Flexibility and versatility are key words when it comes to metrology solutions for the manufacturing process and the processing of silicon wafers. The MicroProf® FS follows a modular approach to provide a fully automated multi-sensor tool that can solve all the necessary measurement applications. Some are shown here as examples. Typical strengths of the MicroProf® FS lie in the measurement of structured wafers as well as coated wafers in the various lithographic process steps. These include, for example, the measurement of step heights, bumps, vias (TSVs), trenches, etc. A further area is the determination of the layer thickness of thin films or layer stacks.

Flexibility is also a priority for automation. The integrated handling robot can be configured for 300 mm, 200 mm and 150 mm wafers, the two load ports can be uniformly configured for a wafer size or as a bridge tool for two different wafer sizes within the system. In addition, the handling unit can also be used for handling non-standard wafers, e.g. highly warped wafers (e.g. eWLB) or thin wafers down to 50 μm thickness. The handling unit has a single-arm robot with a vacuum end effector or an edge gripper, two load ports including mapper and RFID reader, pre-aligner etc. The MicroProf® FS is equipped with filter fan units (FFU) that ensure ISO Class 3 clean room conditions within the tool. Thanks to its great versatility, the MicroProf® FS is a true all-rounder in any modern MEMS Fab or Foundry.

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