The MicroProf® 100 table-top tool – just as strong as the big ones

The popular MicroProf® 100 from the FRT measuring instrument family sets new standards in optical measurement technology.

As a compact table-top tool and thus the smallest member of the MicroProf® multi-sensor family, the MicroProf® 100 offers the full flexibility of its big brothers and completes the MicroProf® family perfectly.

Whether roughness, topography or film thickness of samples are to be measured with non-contact, the versatile MicroProf® 100 is universally usable thanks to optical multi-sensor technology. The integration of point sensors and a large number of area sensors enable the user to inspect a wide variety of surfaces from smooth to rough, from matt to reflective to transparent. Depending on the dimensions, up to three of the sensors and a camera can be installed. If a new measuring task appears at a later date, the FRT surface measuring tool can be flexibly retrofitted at any time. And it gets even better: The small MicroProf® can also be extended for double-sided sample inspection. This enables simultaneous measurement of the upper and lower side of the sample and determination of the sample thickness. The total thickness variation (TTV) of the sample can be determined together with surface parameters such as roughness, waviness and flatness of both sides. The TTV option can be easily retrofitted on site. The own FRT software can also be used modularly and can perform manual or fully automated measurements of the sample. With a travel range of the xy stage of 150 mm x 100 mm, the MicroProf® 100 is the ideal tool for measuring small components individually or in tray during production. But research and development labs are also a popular area of application for the MicroProf® 100, since it can be integrated as a table-top tool almost anywhere.

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