The MicroGlider® series – sensationally sensitive

Surface properties play a central role in almost all areas of industrial or manual manufacturing. Whether a material is optimal for its later use cannot be up to experience. This can have fatal consequences, for example, in the manufacture of optical or medical technology components. In such cases, measuring instruments that guarantee ultimate precision have to be used: the MicroGlider®.

Well-founded analyses of the properties of surfaces are achieved by a combination of many different methods. There are special measuring instruments for each individual procedure, and for each new measuring technique a new instrument has to be bought. Or just into the MicroGlider®, which means measuring with a system. The MicroGlider® has been developed for universal measurement of all kinds of surfaces. It is based on the proven FRT multi-sensor technology and is equally suitable for use in research and development as well as for in-process inspection during production. Thanks to its multi-functionality, the MicroGlider® can be easily adapted to changing tasks by adding or replacing the sensors.

The MicroGlider® 600 is designed to inspect large samples non-contact and non-destructive, highly-precise with regard to various surface properties. The large, air-bearing positioning table (600 mm x 600 mm) and the non-contact drive with linear motors enable highest measuring accuracy and a significantly reduced height noise compared to mechanically bearing axes. This makes the FRT surface measuring tool especially suitable for fast, high-resolution flatness measurements on large surfaces such as glass substrates for the semiconductor, MEMS and solar industries. By means of various optical sensors, high-precision measurements with regard to step height, roughness, waviness and other 2D and 3D measuring parameters can be carried out without any problems. The high measuring dynamics of the tool are especially effective in combination with the optional atomic force microscope. Then measuring ranges from a few μm to hundreds of mm with up to nm resolution can be acquired with one and the same tool. The system can be integrated into existing production processes, e. g. as a one-button solution.

The MicroGlider® 500R is especially suitable for non-contact measurement of rotationally symmetrical components. Thanks to the optical measuring method, test samples such as valve seats or seals are inspected quickly and without destruction. The excellent repeatability and reproducibility of the measurement results are ensured by an air bearing precision rotary table equipped with an innovative, self-centering sample holder. With the MicroGlider® 500R, large and heavy components (up to 20 kg) can be measured with high accuracy and speed. Both an interactive and an automatic measurement and evaluation mode aMicroGlider series,highest flatness re available as measuring modi, in which pre-configured test programs can be started at the push of a button.

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