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Optical surface metrology fulfills sophisticated measuring requirements

The precise measurement of surfaces plays a major part in micro system technology. The parts must be characterized non-destructively with high resolution. The relevant parameters are roughness, shape, topography or film thickness, as the finish of single functional surfaces within a device (e.g. micro fluidics) is as important as the profile of a specific structure (like trenches for fibres), or as the geometry of a complete device (e.g. micro plugs). Roughness and waviness have to be evaluated quantitatively. The analysis of roughness and structure of a surface must reach nanometer resolution.

FRT GmbH manufactures innovative optical multi-sensor surface measuring tools for MST and microelectronics. The MicroProf® series can be equipped with different sensors and allows the evaluation and display of roughness, contour, topography and film thickness of surfaces as a profile or in 3D mode. The optical sensors of the tools allow for non-contact and non-destructive investigation of surface structures with fast measurement. To cover all necessary dimensions, the measuring tools of FRT can be equipped with atomic force microscopy (AFM). So measurements from nanometers to meters are possible in one single system.

With an easy and intuitive use, fast measuring times and the optional automation the systems do ideally meet production needs. Also the tools can be delivered with complete housing and could so be used from lab to production line for workers self testing or direct control of the manufacturing process.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our experts will be glad to support you in solving your measurement tasks by assembling the best possible system configuration for you.

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