It is no longer possible without: non-contact surface measurement technology for perfect medical technology

The miniaturization trend in medical technology is progressing rapidly. The focus of the development and manufacture of medical-technical products is on smaller and less expensive instruments that are also equipped with innovative functions such as flow measurement sensors. In addition, medical-technical products such as bioabsorbable stents or implants are becoming increasingly more and more compatible for patients. There can be no doubt about the quality and correct operation of these parts. Roughness, geometry, 3D topography or film thickness play an important role as parameters in evaluation and control. Many companies in the medical technology sector therefore use non-contact surface measurement technology for the development and manufacture of their products. This detects even the smallest deviations in the surface properties of the components and thus enables a complete quality control. On the basis of the measurement results, medical technology companies can not only make reliable statements on product properties and quality. They also receive important information that will help them advance new developments.

There is often the requirement to determine different characteristics of a sample in different resolutions and processes. In general, this requires several different measuring devices. The MicroProf® series of optical multi-sensor measuring instruments is the ultimate solution for these diverse measurement requirements. They offer the possibility of carrying out several measuring tasks with only one device without contact – and in three dimensions. 3D measurements are very important to obtain not only x- and y-values but also height values. Thus, high-precision information on the most diverse surface parameters of individual parts of medical products can be obtained without any problems. Chromatic white light sensors, interferometric methods with nanometer resolution up to atomic force microscopy with resolutions in the sub-nanometer range are used.

Applications include measuring the thickness of coatings on blood glucose test strips, contour measurements of blood pump impellers or the roughness of artificial hip and knee joints. In the field of ocular implant surgery, surface measurements are used, for example, for measuring the geometry of intraocular lenses. FRT surface measuring devices are also well established in the development and production of dental materials, e. g. for measuring the size and depth of tooth fillings. Stents and catheter balloons are also subject to special measuring requirements. The optical measuring instruments from FRT provide information on parameters such as coating quality and topography such as roughness, which have a direct impact on the compatibility of the products. Another field of application is the characterization of micromechanical components, such as double actuator pumps. The pumps are used to ensure the optimal flow of the smallest gas and liquid amounts.

In the characterization and control of medical-technical products, FRT measuring instruments for medical technology have proven to be flexible, expandable and efficient solutions. It helps manufacturers to comply with government regulations for the protection of patients within the terms of the Medical Products Law. In addition, suppliers ensure the quality and reliability of their products and drive the development of innovations. At the same time, costs are reduced by avoiding reclamations and high reject rates.

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