FRT multi-sensor technology: the non plus ultra for the manufacturing of innovative products in mechanical engineering

The precise measurement of surfaces in mechanical engineering is essential for both R&D and industrial production control. It is important to characterize the components non-destructive and with high resolution in order to check and optimize specific properties.

The possibilities for modifying the properties of product surfaces and thus optimizing them to a specific specification profile have developed rapidly over the past few years. Manufacturing processes such as moulding, joining and coating take place in the micro and increasingly also in the nanometer range. This makes surfaces even clearer functional carriers, for example when it comes to wear, corrosion protection, biocompatibility, electrical conductivity or optical and haptic properties. Functions are “transferred” via the surface. Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to know the exact information about the surface. Especially for product development, process optimization, process support and failure analysis in mechanical engineering it is often indispensable to characterize the geometric influencing parameters.

FRT surface measuring tools are driving product innovations and monitoring product and process quality. User requirements include high resolution, metrological repeatability of measurement results and non-destructive testing. Since the different parameters of a surface cannot usually be determined with a universal measuring method, the flexibility and expandability of the tool is of particular importance. Multi-sensor measuring instruments of the established MicroProf® series are a possibility to fulfill these requirements. These open up the possibility to combine and automate the strengths of different measuring methods in a universal measuring tool. This means that various parameters such as roughness, film thickness, 3D topography and many other surface parameters can be analysed using interferometric and confocal methods or nanometer-accurate atomic force microscopy (AFM) with just one measuring device.

By integrating a thermo unit into the MicroProf®, you can measure the surface topography of components under controlled thermal stress. This is essential because changes in the components due to thermal stress can lead to functional errors or even breakdowns. Fully automatic measurements of the surface topography at different temperatures as well as dwell times at constant temperatures are fully adjustable. The thermo unit is available as an extension for all FRT measuring instruments and is mounted as a separate module like a normal sample holder.

FRT offers both manual and fully integrated measurement solutions with robot-supported handling, recipe creation, automatic evaluation of measurement data and a SEMI-compliant SECS/GEM interface for connection to the Fab Host. Thanks to the modular multi-sensor concept, the tools can also keep up with ambitious roadmaps in the industry.

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