FRT Mark III – Evaluation platform for comprehensive analysis of topography and image data

Whether for new developments, process control or damage analysis – it is always necessary to carry out a large number of different measurements on surfaces in order to obtain a reliable result. This usually also means a multitude of different data in different formats, which have to be compared and evaluated first. The Mark III evaluation software developed by FRT is a universal standard software for the analysis of profile and 3D measurement data. With Mark III, a multitude of different data can be evaluated in different file formats.

The numerous program functions make detailed evaluations of the geometry and various surface parameters available. Primary parameters such as roughness, waviness, flatness and coplanarity can be determined according to DIN EN ISO and the MOTIF method. Likewise, the calculation of areas, volume, frequency, power spectrum, autocorrelation, fractal dimension, histogram and bearing curve as well as particle counting methods are integrated in the program. Batch processing is available, which applies the evaluation of defined surface parameters to several measurements.

In addition to the top view, the program offers a comfortable 3D view, which allows the perspective representation of the data at any angle. A switchable virtual light source “illuminates” the surface and thus clarifies structure details. Also included in the program is a zoom function, which allows selecting and enlarging desired areas. All pictures can be labeled for presentation. All diagrams and analysis results can be exported in standard graphic formats or in ASCII format. Using user-defined measurement protocols, the user has numerous possibilities of printing output. Various filter functions are available to process the measurement data according to presentation requirements.

The 3D data can be provided with any profile intersections and these can be fitted with polynomials and aspherical functions. This makes it easy to determine the shape and contour of the components (e. g. curvature radii). The comparison function enables a detailed analysis of target and actual data. If required, Mark III can be extended by an import filter for reading in any special image format. This means that the software can also process data from existing measuring instruments or those purchased later.  Mark III enables fast processing of the measurement tasks by means of shortcuts and tabbing. The performed analysis steps and results are automatically logged and PDF reports can be created with just one mouse click. Direct entry of evaluation positions can also be carried out via the keyboard. A customizable toolbar has been integrated to simplify workflows. 3D views can be interactively controlled with the arrow key to improve the 3D display.

The FRT evaluation software is part of the MicroProf® series, but also available as a separate product. New customers can test the program 30 days for free. Mark III users get new features for free as updates and are therefore always on the latest development level. If you don’t know what to do in spite of the extensive operating manual, the FRT support team will help you in an emergency by remote support.

We certainly have a solution for your specific task. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our experts will be glad to take care of your needs and work out individual solutions for you.

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