IR Microscope - 2D analysis by IR transmission images

The IR microscope acquires transmission images for optical, non-contact and non-destructive 2D analysis of structures in NIR transparent materials. Typical applications are the analysis of hidden structures in semiconductor and sapphire wafers, glasses, as well as coatings.

The IR microscope has a particularly powerful industrial camera with a highly sensitive 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor. Besides its outstanding sensitivity to NIR, the sensor has a range of distinctive features. For example, the sensor provides a rolling shutter mode for extremely low-noise, high-contrast images. By an automatic hotpixel correction defective pixels are corrected. The USB 3.0 camera also provides a 128 MB image memory and a frame rate of 60 fps at full resolution. A manually-adjustable cold-light source with reflective halogen lamp, stepless brightness control and glass fiber optic cable is used for sample illumination.

The degree of automation goes from integration into manually operated measuring tools such as the MicroProf® 300, which automatically run predefined programs, to fully automated wafer handling including automatic pre- and fine alignment in the MicroProf® MHU. FRT tools can be configured to handle SEMI compliant and non-conforming wafers often used in the MEMS industry.

For semiconductor applications FRT offers its own class of tools for clean room manufacturing: with the MicroProf® FE and MicroProf® FS. These measuring tools can process 200 mm and 300 mm wafers in one system (FOUP, SMIF and open wafer cassettes are possible). The included SEMI compliant software package enables interactive or automated use, easy creation of measurement and evaluation recipes as well as integration into existing production control systems via the SECS/GEM interface.

Whether for laboratory, development, quality assurance or production - FRT offers the right measurement technology for your application. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our experts will be glad to support you in solving your measurement tasks by creating the best possible system configuration for you.

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