In situ surface measurement

Whether it’s a large machine, an inaccessible vehicle cab, a fixed roller or a heavy glass panel: the MicroSpy® Mobile is used when measuring “in situ”.

In the MicroSpy® Mobile, the fixed design of the x,y stages with granite table was replaced by a microscope stage with central opening. The sensor is approached through this opening to the surface to be examined with high precision. The sample remains fixed while the sensor measures profiles or surface areas optically, non-contact and non-destructive. The system is mounted on a mobile rack that simultaneously carries the electronics. Thanks to carrying handles and adjustable support feet, the MicroSpy® Mobile is fully functional on Site within minutes. The MicroSpy® Mobile is supplied with a portable workstation. Equipped with a laptop and controller, the compact surface measuring unit itself weighs less than five kilograms and makes measurements easier in the truest sense of the word.

More flexible than with the mobile measuring device from the MicroSpy® series, it is almost impossible to measure and evaluate topography, roughness, wear, bearing ratio, volumes, film thickness and other important characteristics of surfaces. In order to fulfill the different measuring requirements, the system can be equipped with various optical topography and film thickness sensors. In addition to point, profile and area measurements, the mobile surface measuring device also impresses with its ease of use and versatile analysis options. The MicroSpy® Mobile contains the same technology as our established multi-sensor measuring devices and works with the proven, easy-to-use and very powerful FRT software packages Mark III and Acquire.

As you can see, FRT measuring instruments create advantages – in many areas. We certainly have a solution for your specific task. Contact our sales department if you are interested in the little brother of the FRT MicroProf®.

Or visit us at the Precision Fair 2019 - 13-14 Nov - in Veldhoven, NL and experience the MicroSpy® Mobile live!

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