FRT 4.0 – with High Speed into the Future!

In May 2017 FRT GmbH starts its Relaunch Year. FRT has grown up with its very successful 3. generation metrology systems and a new design. Much of the unnecessary has been removed and fresh winds drive ahead, this includes also some new employees to serve customer demands even better. Time to have a fresh start!

The website relaunch was awaited for a long time and when initiated it was complemented by a bunch of more changes. At the end the metrology specialist FRT created an entirely new corporate design and appearance. The new design, in particular, the brand new logo appears more tidy and structured. And that´s what FRT intends to communicate and live in future. FRT is well focused and close to its customers while leading the market with a clear roadmap.

Devoted to the slogan the art of metrology FRT invests all its knowledge, experience and passion to explore the needs and possibilities of surface metrology – and delivers innovative solutions. From now on information on these will be made available in a content hub in a clear and understandable way. The content hub acts as a unified platform for all publications made available under the roof of FRT GmbH reflected in its name FRTent. Please convince yourself under www.frtent.com.

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