Non-contact metrology solutions for front- and back-end

The trend in technology towards smaller and smaller electronic devices requires new approaches in the production of wafers. Increasingly complex structures on larger substrates require more intensive production control and thus create new demands on modern measuring instruments. In addition to accuracy and repeatability, versatility and process integration possibilities are the decisive factors.

The key is multi-sensor technology. We believe that modern measuring instruments must be flexible, retrofittable and future-oriented. For this reason, we have developed the FRT multi-sensor concept, which enables us to adapt your measuring instrument to the changes in your requirements. Imagine the benefits of a measuring instrument that combines multiple measuring technologies such as confocal microscopy, chromatic techniques and atomic force microscopy in a single uncomplicated operation. With its experience in measurement technology FRT offers solutions for your special requirements!

Whether you need a stand-alone and non-contact wafer measuring device for your laboratory or a fully integrated system for your production department in the front- or back-end area – FRT offers the ideal standard and special solutions to improve your production efficiency. The degree of automation ranges from manually operated measuring systems such as the MicroProf® 300, which automatically execute predefined routines, to fully automated wafer handling including automatic pre- and fine alignment in the MicroProf® MHU. FRT systems can be configured to handle SEMI-compliant and non-compliant wafers, often used in the MEMS industry. FRT also offers a wide range of solutions for the growing segment of 3D IC manufacturing, from thin-film measurement and trench measurement to inspection of critical dimensions throughout the entire manufacturing process.

For semiconductor applications, FRT offers its own device class for cleanroom production: the MFE series, with the MicroProf® FE and MicroProf® FS. MFE measuring systems can process 200 mm and 300 mm wafers in one system (FOUP, SMIF and open wafer cassettes possible). The included SEMI-compliant software package enables interactive or automated use, simple creation of measurement and evaluation recipes as well as integration into existing production control systems via the SECS/GEM interface.

Whether in laboratory, development, quality assurance or production – FRT offers the right measuring technology for your application. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our experts will be glad to help you solve your measurement tasks by creating the best possible system configuration for you. In our opinion, a comprehensive solution consists of hardware and software development as well as complementary services and an effective technical customer service. FRT offers on-site support through a global network of subsidiaries and distributors. With FRT remote support, our experts can help customers around the world to answer their questions.

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