MicroSpy® FT - High-performance film thickness measuring tool for production control and development

The FRT MicroSpy® FT is used for measuring tasks in production control and in research and development. The MicroSpy® FT is an optical measuring tool for the uncomplicated, non-contact measurement of films that are transparent in the visible or invisible spectral range. Optical film thickness sensors with interferometric or reflectometric methods are used, so that the film thickness can be determined non-destructively from a few millimeters to less than one nanometer. With the thin film sensor FTR the thickness measurement of transparent thin films and layer systems can be performed. A large selection of sensors with different light sources, spot sizes and thickness ranges allows an optimal adjustment to your application. Therefore, the powerful, intuitively operated FRT surface measuring tool is highly appreciated by developers and in quality assurance in high technology fields. The film thickness measuring tools equipped with a motorized x,y stage and a CCD camera with illumination for easy sample positioning. The scope of delivery includes the software packages Acquire and Mark III with extensive evaluation, visualization and export functions as well as scripting functionality.

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