Precise surface measurement of paper industry products

Paper products not only have to fulfill the aesthetical requirements of the consumer, but also special technical specifications. "Good" paper depends on several specific characteristics: Strength, stability, processability, fibre orientation and paper moisture. Equally important are the visual properties of brightness, opacity and surface texture to assess the degree of quality. With its comprehensive measuring technology, FRT offers the possibility to determine surface roughness, fibre orientation, embossing depths, transparent coatings and much more for a wide variety of paper products.

Conventional stylus tools scan the surface mechanically. This means that fine fibres cannot be measured without causing damage. In addition, fast and uncomplicated data acquisition in both 3D and 2D is necessary.

Due to their different materials, tools and end products from the paper industry require high performance from the used sensor. Rough, structured surfaces as well as smooth and porous paper products should be characterized with one sensor type.

The FRT MicroProf® uses a confocal, chromatic distance sensor. The sensor focuses white light on the measuring object and determines the height of the measuring object in the measuring spot from the spectral distribution of the light scattered on the surface. Different measuring heads with vertical measuring ranges of up to 10 mm or a height resolution from 3 nm are available for different measuring tasks.

For measurements with the MicroProf® the full resolution (< 2 μm lateral, 3 nm in height) is available for every available measurement field size.

The Mark III program, which is used in MicroProf® to evaluate the measured data, can be used, for example, to calculate the depth, width and volume of the embossing. It is also possible to evaluate selected profiles or complete 3D measurements with regard to their roughness and waviness.

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