Part 5/5: Now even more features in the basic package

SERIES Acquire Automation XT – FRT's Powerful Multi-Sensor Software

Our efforts towards constant improvements of the in-house operating software of our systems lead to regular upgrades and new possibilities for our automation software Acquire Automation XT. This not only concerns the individual evaluation packages, but also the basic package. We would like to introduce some new features to you here:

Manual re-measurement of automatically generated measurement results

For some types of measurement within a recipe, this new option is supported, which makes it possible to repeat a measurement. If, during the process of an automated measurement, results are obtained that fall out of the expected range (e. g. due to pass/fail criteria), it is possible to select these results and repeat the measurements precisely at these points with the measurement settings used in the recipe. In addition, a dialogue is provided which allows the adjustment of the measurement settings such as sensor parameters or measurement position for this so called “re-measurement“. The dialog also has a live camera image for user-friendly operation.

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Performing a single measurement in the recipe

In the course of recipe creation or modification of existing recipes, it can be helpful to carry out individual measurements manually in order to test whether the set measurement and evaluation parameters lead to the desired result. This saves time during recipe creation and makes it possible to determine the optimum settings. This is now supported in the current version of Acquire Automation XT. In addition to the main measurement tasks, functions such as fine alignment, site alignment and TTV calibration can also be started from the recipe.

Sight alignment with Field of View sensors

Whenever high positioning accuracy is required on highly structured samples, it is advisable to add a “sight alignment“ to the mandatory fine alignment, which automatically recognizes the respective measuring position based on a pattern recognition routine and adjusts the xy position in case of an offset. With the latest version of Acquire Automation XT, this feature can be applied not only to live camera images, but also to measurement data from FRT Field of View sensors (CFM, CFM DT, WLI PL and WLI FL). This makes it possible to adjust the measuring position with a lateral accuracy in the sub-μm range.

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