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High-tech production can no longer be without industrial automation. It increases the efficiency in production and ensures shorter delivery times and cost savings. FRT measuring instruments provide current values about the quality of your products, which are indispensable for process control in production. Leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries increase the effectiveness of their production and the quality of their products with FRT automated measuring instruments. These include the fully automated measurement of wafers in semiconductor manufacturing, the serial inspection of seals in the automotive industry or the measurement of embossing and embossing tools in the packaging industry.

The fully automated 3D surface measurement systems of the MicroProf® series can be integrated within a production process right up to complete remote control and can be used directly in the production environment. This is made possible by the specially developed Acquire Automation XT software for measurements and automation, which can also be configured according to application and customer requirements. Not only the user interface, but also the display of the measurement results and the evaluation can be adapted at any time and customized to your requirements. New requirements and information flow directly into the software through constant customer contact.

Various measuring positions on individual components as well as several similar samples, which are placed in a holder on the measuring table, can be examined automatically in one measuring run. For this purpose different sample geometries can be taught and brought into the correct measuring position by pattern recognition and automatic fine alignment. You can create the measurement recipes intuitively and modularly using the SEMI-compliant and intuitive graphical user interface. Individual measurements from an automated measurement sequence can be called up again and viewed or repeated in detail. Depending on the use of the device, there are different operating levels with different access rights. If necessary, parameters can be adapted in the recipe sequence and critical measuring points can be specifically tested with a small amount of time. The evaluation of the measured data is carried out, e.g. including the current SEMI and DIN EN ISO standards. It is also possible to define pass/fail criteria for your measurement and apply them automatically. In combination with a handling system, sorting can be carried out and the yield can thus be increased. Via the optional SECS/GEM interface, measurement data can be transferred to the production control or the measuring device can be remotely controlled. This guarantees perfect integration into the production line.

Software has always been and is still a core competence of the FRT, which pays off today. In times of industry 4.0 and increasing automation FRT has no problems to hold its own at the top of the market. Our customers can benefit from this advantage.

Whether in the laboratory or for fully automatic production – we certainly have a solution for your specific application. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our experts will be glad to take care of your needs and work out individual solutions for you.

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