MicroSpy® Profile - Entry into non-contact 2D and 3D surface metrology


The MicroSpy® Profile is an optical profilometer for entry into non-contact 2D and 3D surface measurement technology. With this FRT surface measuring tool, users in development and production will find a wide range of surfaces from smooth to very rough, matt to reflective or even transparent. Thanks to a powerful, durable and energy-efficient LED light source and the principle of chromatic distance measurement, even highly absorbent surfaces can be measured very quickly and reliably.

In chromatic distance measurement, the light of a high-power LED is focused on the surface by a measuring head with a strongly wavelength-dependent focal length. The spectrum of the light scattered on the surface shows a characteristic peak from whose wavelength the height on the sample is determined. This principle allows the measuring tool to work easily on almost all surfaces and materials, from highly reflective surfaces to highly absorbent plastics and many others.

The MicroSpy® Profile is equipped with CWL point sensors. The CWL is a fast optical distance sensor that can be configured to perfectly suit your application. Standard and special measuring heads with different measuring ranges are available so that the measuring tool can be perfectly optimized for the desired measuring task. Due to its intensity of light and high measuring rate of up to 4 kHz, the sensor is suitable for a variety of tasks in production control and R&D. Up to 16 different measuring heads can be calibrated to one electronic unit and used alternately as required.

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