Fast, non-contact surface measurement in precision engineering


In the field of precision engineering, measuring tools for surface inspection have to perform a variety of measuring tasks, such as recording the 3D topography of the finished product and components such as gears, checking dimensions and angles, inspecting coatings or measuring surface roughness.

The requirements for a universally useable measurement tool are therefore high. Fast, precise topography measurements with high resolution must be performed. Hard as well as soft or sensitive surfaces should be measured without contact. Large working distances are required for measurements inside component housings. A variety of different materials such as metals, plastics, ceramics and glass have to be inspected and mirror-smooth objects as well as rough or strongly structured surfaces have to be measured. Optical sensors are used for non-contact measurements. However, not all available measuring methods are equally suitable for the variety of measuring tasks in the field of high-precision mechanics.

The FRT measuring tools use a chromatic white light sensor for fast, non-contact, high-resolution surface measurements, which can solve many of the described measuring tasks. It measures both reflective and rough, structured surfaces. Both highly reflective metal surfaces and dark plastic surfaces, from which less light is reflected, can be measured.

If the resolution that can be achieved with optical sensors is not sufficient, e.g. for investigations on surfaces with resolutions in the nm range, a Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) can be used on the same measuring tool as the chromatic sensor. An optional film thickness sensor allows the examination of thin transparent films, e.g. lubricants.

The evaluation of the measured data is carried out with the analysis software Mark III. The program offers extensive display options including 3D views, allows steps and angles to be measured, the component geometry and the roughness to be determined.

Whether laboratory, development, quality assurance or production - FRT offers the suitable measuring technology for your application. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our experts will be glad to help you solve your measurement tasks by creating the best possible system configuration for you. In our opinion, a comprehensive solution consists not only of hardware and software development but also of supplementary support and effective technical customer service. FRT provides on-site support through a global network of subsidiaries and distributors. FRT Remote Support enables our experts to assist customers worldwide.

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