3D surface metrology for process control in the manufacture of spherical and aspherical lenses

Whether large lenses or microoptics, the systems are becoming increasingly complicated and the manufacturing processes have already entered the sub-nanometer range. This is our domain, where FRT measuring tools are at home.

For quality assurance, different dimensions of lenses must be checked. With our 3D surface measuring tools of the proven MicroProf® series, surface measurements, as well as single and multiple profiles can be acquired without contact. There is the possibility of automated mapping of the samples, as well as the execution of evaluation routines. Lens roughness can be determined down to the sub-nanometer range and topography measurements of the sample surface can be performed. The MicroProf® series offers the option of double-sided sample measurement. This allows simultaneous measurement of the top and bottom sides of the sample and determination of the sample thickness. In this way, the total thickness variation (TTV) of the sample can be determined together with surface parameters, e.g. roughness and flatness of both sides. With our 3D surface measuring tool you can quickly and accurately determine the shape of your lenses and detect deviations from the ideal shape. The radius of curvature (RoC) of a lens can be determined particularly quickly using profile measurements. In this case, only a few seconds are required to measure a lens.

Another domain of our measuring tools is the determination of the layer thickness of optical coatings in the form of thin films or layer stacks. Layer thicknesses of up to a few nanometers can be determined, whereby the resolution is in the sub-nanometer range. Further applications are for example the measurement of steps defects etc.

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