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With the MicroProf® from FRT, a wide range of measurement tasks can be carried out quickly, efficiently and intuitively. As an established standard measuring instrument in modern 3D surface measurement technology, the MicroProf® has impressed our customers for many years in the semiconductor, medical and automotive industries. Whether you want to measure the topography, the sample thickness or the film thickness of your samples without contact, the versatile MicroProf® can be used universally due to the proven optical FRT multi-sensor technology. Various optical measurement methods, which are only available as individual solutions elsewhere, have been combined into a universal, space-saving device.

Due to the multi-sensor concept, the 3D surface measuring devices of the proven MicroProf® series can be equipped with point and field of view sensors for topography measurement as well as with film thickness sensors. This makes it possible to solve a measurement task with different sensors by measuring each sensor and combining the different results. The decisive step is now that the measuring instrument, or the recipe used, knows the complete measuring task and fully implements it. That not only the measurements with all necessary sensors are automated, but the software also records the different measurement results and calculates the desired parameters.

Depending on your requirements, the MicroProf® provides you with a fast overview measurement of the entire sample as well as high-resolution detailed measurements. Profiles can be laid through the surface in any direction. In addition, the contour or the complete topography of samples is also determined in 3D mode. Likewise, roughness, waviness, flatness or even film thickness can be quantitatively evaluated. Further advantages of our optical measuring instruments are short measuring times and the user-friendly operation, which makes a worker self-inspection possible.

Modern optical measuring instruments from FRT enable non-contact and thus non-destructive surface measurement. The comparability of all the measurements considered is indispensable. This applies to simple profiles as well as to complete three-dimensional surface areas. The formulas and processes for profile measurement specified in the DIN/ISO regulations are transferred to the surface. Of course, the corresponding filter functions are also taken into account. The clou is a filter routine for calculating the corresponding roughness values for the use of a probe tip with selected geometry, since the optical data usually provide a significantly higher resolution than tactile data and are therefore not directly comparable with them. With the simulation of a probe tip, the comparison values for suppliers or customers are then provided in addition to the better resolved data for your own production.

Maintain flexibility for your future measurements and retrofit sensors easily and quickly, saving space, time and (not least) costs.

The universal MicroProf® surface measuring device is available in various designs. Depending on the size of the samples to be measured, you can select the system which provides the corresponding sample holder and the travel range. In addition to the MicroProf® 100 table top device, there are two larger models, MicroProf® 200 and MicroProf® 300, which are standalone systems. From the manual measurement and evaluation to the fully automatic execution of sample handling, measurement and evaluation, you can determine the degree of automation by selecting the appropriate software and hardware components.

With the MicroProf® TL it is possible to perform topography measurements of the samples under thermal load. This is indispensable e.g. in the areas of electronics and material engineering, since changes in the components can lead to functional disturbances or even failures due to thermal stress. The MicroProf® TL can be used to determine the behavior of components under working conditions as well as to simulate different process steps. The MicroProf® TL is based entirely on the proven technology of the MicroProf® series. The thermo unit is also available as an extension for all FRT instruments and is mounted as a separate module like a normal sample holder.

We certainly have a solution for your specific task. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our experts will be glad to take care of your needs and work out individual solutions for you.

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