Benefit from the comprehensive FRT metrology know-how! Surface measurement as a contract service

Metrology offers enormous optimization potential for companies in a wide variety of fields. Research & development can be accelerated and quality assurance expanded, stable and reliable production ensured. High-precision surface measurements make it possible to improve functionalities and production quality - as a service exactly when the need arises. And, of course, with the leading measurement technology on the market, the FRT MicroProf® tools.

As a user of our contract service, you benefit from our comprehensive know-how in the field of metrology using optical methods and atomic force microscopy. This includes not only the selection of the suitable measuring method, the professional execution of the measurements with the state of the art FRT measuring technology, but also the evaluation and analysis of the measurement results as well as the documentation and presentation. We create a concept according to which the different measurements are coordinated in a meaningful and efficient way. This guarantees an all-in-one solution that can be adapted and expanded at any time. As a customer, you receive a comprehensive and high-quality surface analysis that is indispensable for new development, process optimization, quality control and defect analysis. The experience and knowledge obtained within the contract service measurements also helps to select a suitable measuring tool for an investment to solve your individual measuring task.

We certainly have a solution for your specific task. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our experts will be glad to take care of your needs and work out individual solutions for you.

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