Non-contact measurement of foils (thickness, topography, roughness)


For quality assurance during the production of foils, the thickness must be checked. In the case of foils with functional surfaces, it is also necessary to record and evaluate not only the thickness but also the topography of the surfaces.

A contact-free sensor is required to measure the soft foil surfaces. Sensors that only measure the film thickness but not the topography of the foil are not suitable for determining the surface roughness. The measuring method should then enable fast line measurements along the foil as well as high-resolution 3D measurements to examine the fine structures.

The FRT MicroProf® solves these measuring tasks with optical sensors. For film thicknesses above 30 μm a confocal, chromatic distance sensor is used. The CWL sensor measures the distance to the interfaces of the films with high resolution and determines the film thickness from the difference. The topography of the film surface can be measured directly. In addition to measuring the film thickness, this sensor also enables high-resolution, fast and non-contact topography and profile measurements on highly reflective as well as on highly absorbent and rough, fissured samples.

For the measurement of thin films from 2 μm thickness a sensor is used which evaluates the interference of the light reflected at the top and bottom of the film. A modified method allows topography measurements for the characterization of the foil surfaces. Both sensors can be combined in the FRT MicroProf®.

The FTR sensor is used for the measurement of thin film systems. With this reflectometer film thickness from 10 nm with a resolution of 1 nm can be determined. In multi-layer systems, the individual film thickness can also be determined. For a quick check of the film thickness, the thickness along a profile can be measured instead of a mapping.

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