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Expansion of the service and maintenance department

FRT GmbH offers 3D surface metrology for research, production and quality assurance. With micro- and nanometer resolution, the multiple award-winning measuring systems provide non-contact and non-destructive, as well as optionally fully automated information about topography, structure, step height, roughness, wear, surface defects, thickness variation, layer thickness and many other parameters. More than 700 tools are in use worldwide at companies in the semiconductor, microsystems technology, automotive, optics, solar/photovoltaics and other industries. The company has subsidiaries in the USA and China and a sales and service network in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Our service and maintenance department has been expanded so that we can now guarantee our customers even faster processing of their service and maintenance requests. Due to the increasing order situation, this step was absolutely necessary. Due to the long service life of our tools, maintenance is recommended from time to time. Also the retrofitting of the systems, e.g. with additional sensors, is now carried out by the service department. In case of a failure of the FRT system the customer expects that the problem will be solved quickly and that the tool can be used in production quickly again. He also expects a sustainable solution and an elimination of the cause of the fault. Regardless of their geographical location, our customers have the possibility to get fast and uncomplicated help from FRT by means of an internet-based remote maintenance software. The aim is to further optimize service quality and improve response times for support requests. Since the problem often consists of an interaction of software, hardware and measuring challenges, the service engineer receives assistance from all departments and is supported to the best of his ability. Thus he is able to complete his task quickly and effectively. It is always the goal of FRT service operations to meet these customer expectations, as an efficient and fast customer service increases customer satisfaction and creates long-term relationships.

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