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The smallest stumbling blocks in drive technology, identified with surface metrology

Even in a large ship's diesel engine, a few micrometers are often decisive for optimum performance and efficiency, as in almost every engine today....

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Metrology Tuesday drive technology

We can do it: Determine parameters with hybrid metrology that cannot be measured directly!

Components and measuring tasks in 3D surface metrology are becoming more and more complex. Certain measurement tasks can no longer be solved by a...

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Successful title defense: FRT wins 11th IVAM Marketing Prize

FRT GmbH from Bergisch Gladbach has once again won the IVAM Marketing Prize. The company has been awarded the 11th IVAM Marketing Prize in Dortmund...

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Gewinner IVAM-Marketingpreis

Optical versus tactile - Comparison of measurement methods

Which method is the better one? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Which requirements can be fulfilled with the individual methods? Both...

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Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser - VCSEL technology takes off

VCSEL is one of the future technologies and stands for "Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser". The laser products are particularly interesting for...

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Fully automated measurement up to 220 wafer per hour

Material Handling Unit with dual arm vacuum grabber increases throughput, precision and quality

Industrial applications require high throughput rates,...

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How to define wafer and MEMS quality in manufacturing process

Microelectronic components and semiconductors are manufactured on round thin discs, so called wafers. Wafers usually consist of silicon, sapphire or...

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Authentic haptics for modern imitation leather cover in cars

The haptic in cars is also important for you. It is not only the appearance of the matt black imitation leather cover that influences your feeling,...

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Not in ideal shape? Quickly determine lens shapes and lens coatings

Even curved surfaces can be measured very precisely without contact. Today's measuring technology makes it possible to record polished, grinded,...

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3D surface measurement with sub-micrometer vertical resolution

Area sensor for confocal microscopy

The confocal measuring principle used in CFM is a well-established non-contact measuring method for very fast and...

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Sharp cutting edge - The resistance of the cutting edge and its service life are decisive

The performance of modern cutting tools has increased enormously in the last years. In order to meet the resulting tool requirements, the cutting edge...

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In the best of health thanks to artificial hips, dental implants or blood sugar strips

Small and fine - this is how minimally invasive medical technology could be described in general terms. The requirements placed on the surface...

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More Moore - highly complex microchips are ubiquitous

Microsystems technology has now become the omnipresent cross-sectional technology and growth continues. It is present in all sectors: whether in healt...

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Sawing, grinding and polishing - Tolerances and standards in wafer processing

Wafers are the substrate for the production of integrated circuits, light-emitting diodes, micromechanical components and solar cells. The...

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Bye bye bluff packaging - Counterfeit protection protects brands and consumers

Packaging that cannot be counterfeited is a proven means of product and brandprotection. The surfaces are provided with special features, such as...

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Ultra-thin transparent layers prevent scratches and minimize reflection

You all know such scratch-resistant coatings, whether on plastic surfaces or lenses. In addition to functional coatings, finishing layers are also...

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Determine high-precision flatness on large samples

Functional structures and the components on which they are applied are subject to increasingly lower manufacturing tolerances. In addition, the...

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Fast, non-contact surface metrology in the manufacturing of large-area electronics

Large-area electronics is a new way of manufacturing electronics using low-temperature processes such as printing and coating. Totally new electronic...

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Part 8: Metrology for Every Process Step in Advanced Packaging

MicroProf® AP – Flexible Multi-Sensor Metrology for Every Process Step in Advanced Packaging

As wafer level packaging (WLP) and heterogeneous...

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Part 7: Metrology for Molding of 3D Chip Stacks

Series: Advanced Packaging - Multi-Sensor Metrology for Every Process Step

A standard method for encapsulating electronic components is molding, in...

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Part 6: Metrology for 3D Chip Stacking

Series: Advanced Packaging - Multi-Sensor Metrology for Every Process Step

3D chip stacking is the process of placing several dies on top of each...

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Part 5: Metrology for Wafer Dicing

Series: Advanced Packaging - Multi-Sensor Metrology for Every Process Step

In the fabrication of integrated circuits, wafer dicing is the process by...

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Headline Autumn 2018

Our Autumn Headline is online! Check it out! You can expect interesting topics about Advanced Packaging and the latest trends at FRT.

Find the full...

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FRT GmbH launches integrated metrology solution for microchip production

FRT GmbH introduced the MicroProf® AP to the market in October. The metrology tool is specially developed for demanding applications in 3D IC...

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FRT Metrology - best you can get for 2D and 3D

With the MicroProf® from FRT, a wide range of measurement tasks can be carried out quickly, efficiently and intuitively. As an established standard...

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Part 4: Metrology for Carrier Bonding/Debonding, Backside Thinning and Nail Reveal

Series: Advanced Packaging - Multi-Sensor Metrology for Every Process Step

Advanced packaging technologies are rapidly evolving in the semiconductor...

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Part 3: Metrology for RDL, UBM and Solder Bump Fabrication

Series: Advanced Packaging - Multi-Sensor Metrology for Every Process Step

Over the years, the semiconductor industry has increasingly focused on...

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Part 2: Metrology for TSV Fabrication

Series: Advanced Packaging - Multi-Sensor Metrology for Every Process Step

Three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D IC) and 2.5D IC with Si...

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Part 2: Metrologie für die TSV-Fertigung

Part 1: Metrology for Semiconductor Lithography

SERIES Advanced Packaging - Multi-Sensor Metrology for Every Process Step

The fabrication of an integrated circuit (IC) requires a variety of...

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IR Microscope - 2D analysis by IR transmission images

The IR microscope acquires transmission images for optical, non-contact and non-destructive 2D analysis of structures in NIR transparent materials....

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Part 5/5: Now even more features in the basic package

SERIES Acquire Automation XT – FRT's Powerful Multi-Sensor Software

Our efforts towards constant improvements of the in-house operating software of...

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Part 4/5: Software package for overlay measurement

SERIES Acquire Automation XT – FRT's Powerful Multi-Sensor Software

Nowadays 3D IC production consists of a sequence of steps, where, for instance, a...

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Part 3/5: New „Layer Mode“ for Field of View sensors

SERIES Acquire Automation XT – FRT’s Powerful Multi Sensor Software

Transparent layers impose challenges in the daily business of topography...

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Part 2/5: Software Package „Lens Shape“

SERIES Acquire Automation XT – FRT’s Powerful Multi-Sensor Software

Irrespective of large lenses or micro optics, the systems are becoming more...

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Part 1/5: Hybrid metrology for fast and reliable determination of inaccessible parameters

Semiconductors, MST/MEMS/Nano, Sapphire/LED and many other applications - the...

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Diversification of Markets Calls for Hybrid Metrology with Multi-Sensor Technology

Excerpt: It used to be that people thought about metrology for front-end process control and inspection for advanced packaging. As wafer level...

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MicroSpy® FT - High-performance film thickness measuring tool for production control and development

The FRT MicroSpy® FT is used for measuring tasks in production control and in research and development. The MicroSpy® FT is an optical measuring tool...

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Leistungstarkes Schichtdickenmessgerät

Analysis of rubber samples and determination of filler particle dispersion

The distribution of filler particles in rubber compounds determines the mechanical-dynamic properties of the material. In addition, it is an indicator...

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08/10/2018 Place: FRT GmbH

Check our Job Vacancies!

Photo shoot with colleagues. Result: Great photos that show how cool it is to work for us!

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MicroSpy® Profile - Entry into non-contact 2D and 3D surface metrology


The MicroSpy® Profile is an optical profilometer for entry into non-contact 2D and 3D surface measurement technology. With this FRT surface...

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Measurement of SU-8 photoresist thickness, homogeneity and topography

SU-8 is a high contrast, epoxy based photoresist for microprocessing and other microelectronic applications where a thick, chemically and thermally...

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Versatile optical multi-sensor technology in the production of microfluidic systems


There are many different optical measurement techniques available today, each with its own specific field of application. Where infrared light...

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Fast, non-contact surface measurement in precision engineering


In the field of precision engineering, measuring tools for surface inspection have to perform a variety of measuring tasks, such as recording the...

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Non-contact measurement of foils (thickness, topography, roughness)


For quality assurance during the production of foils, the thickness must be checked. In the case of foils with functional surfaces, it is also...

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Bridging the gap between nanometer and meter


The analysis of roughness and surface structure is becoming more and more technologically important. The demands on components and finished...

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Precise surface measurement of paper industry products

Paper products not only have to fulfill the aesthetical requirements of the consumer, but also special technical specifications. "Good" paper depends...

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Benefit from the comprehensive FRT metrology know-how! Surface measurement as a contract service

Metrology offers enormous optimization potential for companies in a wide variety of fields. Research & development can be accelerated and quality...

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3D surface metrology for process control in the manufacture of spherical and aspherical lenses

Whether large lenses or microoptics, the systems are becoming increasingly complicated and the manufacturing processes have already entered the...

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Process control in the production of artificial leather skins

For the process control during the production of artificial leather skins, the exact transfer of the leather pattern to the artificial leather skin...

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Fast, precise and non-destructive - measurement of thin transparent layers on a wafer

Polymers have become an essential part of modern microelectronics and microsystems technology, microoptics and medical technology. Until now, they...

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With microstructures to better fixed implants

Very high demands are required of the surfaces of implants. For example, hip and knee endoprotheses or dental implants are fixed directly in the bone...

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WLI FL - Powerful white light interferometer for fast, large-area topography measurements with excellent height resolution


The small lateral dimension of structures often is a problem for the measuring techniques, because the optical resolution of the methods is usually...

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Topography measurement on optical lenses

For process control in the manufacturing of plastic lenses, the topography of strongly curved lenses with high resolution is to be measured and the...

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The spring issue of the HEADLINE has arrived!

Learn in this exciting issue a) which award FRT GmbH received for the MircoProf® b) how the new "layer mode" for image field sensors enables the...

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FRT Equipment Supplier of the Year 2018

3D InCites announced FRT as "Equipment Supplier of the Year". 3D InCites was asking to vote 40 nominees from 26 companies and four research institutes...

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Topography measurement under thermal load


In order to always meet current customer demands, we have expanded our product portfolio and offer our surface metrology tools with an optional the...

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CWL FT - High precision measurement of thin transparent films in the micrometer range


The CWL FT is an interferometric film thickness sensor especially designed to measure the thickness of products such as films or coatings that are...

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Metrology Know-How: Measuring solutions for all wafer applications

Semiconductors and MEMS are becoming more and more miniaturized. This increases the demands on the metrology used to control the quality of the wafers...

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Intuitive measurement software from FRT – Acquire

Whether for new developments, process control or damage analysis – it is almost always necessary to carry out a large number of different...

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The MicroProf® 100 table-top tool – just as strong as the big ones

The popular MicroProf® 100 from the FRT measuring instrument family sets new standards in optical measurement technology.

As a compact table-top tool...

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Fully automated optical surface measurement opens up potential for your production

Inspection of incoming material, monitoring of individual production steps or quality assurance of finished products – optical surface measurement...

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FRT multi-sensor technology: the non plus ultra for the manufacturing of innovative products in mechanical engineering

The precise measurement of surfaces in mechanical engineering is essential for both R&D and industrial production control. It is important to...

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Competitive advantage in the photovoltaic industry – Optical surface measurement technology optimizes production of new generations of solar wafers

The non-destructive characterization of surface structures on solar wafers is of increasing importance, because it can offer solutions for many ...

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The MicroGlider® series – sensationally sensitive

Surface properties play a central role in almost all areas of industrial or manual manufacturing. Whether a material is optimal for its later use...

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Versatility for laboratory and production – confocal and interferometric measurement technology in one

FRT offers the optimal solution for customers who need more than just confocal microscopy for their measuring tasks. Dual Technology “, or DT for...

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High-precision thickness and TTV measurement for wafer manufacturing

Sawing, grinding, lapping, polishing… These are the typical processing steps that lead from the initial product “Ingot” to high-quality wafers....

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Non-contact metrology solutions for front- and back-end

The trend in technology towards smaller and smaller electronic devices requires new approaches in the production of wafers. Increasingly complex...

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The new issue of the headline has arrived

Just in time for the start of Semicon Europa we publish our magazine Headline, the second issue of our RelaunchYear. Six months have passed since the...

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FRT measuring instruments help to realize ambitious roadmaps in the sapphire and LED industry.

Whatever is produced, no matter from which material and in what quantities – perfect quality can only be achieved by consistently high perfection....

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Comprehensive service guarantees customer satisfaction

FRT GmbH offers 3D surface measurement technology for research, production and quality assurance. With micro- and nanometer resolution, the...

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Optical measurement technology is making a breakthrough in the automotive industry

The modern automotive industry is faced with great challenges with regard to the increasing quality demands of its innovative products. The...

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Confidence in Optical Thickness Measurements

We published an article of confidence in optical thickness measurement in the magazin Optik & photonik. Have a look!

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BGA and solder point measurement with optical 3D surface measurement technology from FRT.

A wide variety of measurement tasks have to be solved in the process-related inspection of BGAs (ball grid arrays) and soldering points as well as pri...

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Roughness measurement - essential and highly precise

Whether in research and development, process or quality control: an exact roughness measurement of work pieces or finished products is indispensable...

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Metrology for MEMS - more than just a trend

The complexity of integrated circuits is increasing significantly – and is an amazing innovation factor. At the same time, this development presents...

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It is no longer possible without: non-contact surface measurement technology for perfect medical technology

The miniaturization trend in medical technology is progressing rapidly. The focus of the development and manufacture of medical-technical products is...

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In situ surface measurement

Whether it’s a large machine, an inaccessible vehicle cab, a fixed roller or a heavy glass panel: the MicroSpy® Mobile is used when measuring “in...

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Everything tight! Optical measurement technology for quality control of seals and sealing surfaces

Secure sealing is a major technical challenge in many industries. For example, seals are used in the automotive industry, in the chemical industry and...

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Silicon goes 3D - TSVs and Trenches as the key technology of a new generation of semiconductors

Most of the pressure comes from the cost side as usual. But there are many reasons for developments in the area of ​​3D IC. Moore’s Law goes on for a...

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FRT Mark III – Evaluation platform for comprehensive analysis of topography and image data

Whether for new developments, process control or damage analysis – it is always necessary to carry out a large number of different measurements on...

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In-house FRT software for your automation - Acquire Automation XT

High-tech production can no longer be without industrial automation. It increases the efficiency in production and ensures shorter delivery times and...

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Bottleneck in the field of metrology - does not have to be! Surface analysis as a service

Ideal for newcomers or companies who rarely (yet) measure, or if it is just tight – the service at FRT. Our experts provide their knowledge to our...

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Stress measurements with the MicroProf®

During the production or thermal treatment of thin layers, stress can arise in the layers. This is caused, for example, by different lattice...

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Certainly the desired quality - Impressive imprint thanks to optical measuring technology

Packaging production for branded products is no longer just a question of print quality and repeatability. The quality and features of packaging are...

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Patterned-Sapphire-Substrate Process: Increase your yield with the use of intelligent FRT measurement technology

Whatever is produced, no matter what material and in which quantities – impeccable quality is achieved only by consistently high perfection. And...

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Film thickness measurement with high-performance technology – FRT offers the ideal surface measuring device for every layer

Thin coatings play an increasingly important role in both technical and decorative applications. Depending on the application area, the functionality...

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Measuring inaccessible parameters – FRT has the right solution: hybrid metrology

Semiconductor, MST / MEMS / Nano, Sapphire / LED, Photovoltaic, Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Technology, Optics, Packaging … – the...

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Headline May 2017

Would you like to know what's new at FRT? Then just look at our magazin Headline.

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Nowadays electronic devices are indispensable – PCBs make it possible

Nearly every electronic device has one or more PCBs that are used to mechanically mount and electrically connect electronic components. We offer...

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When it has to go fast: the FRT SLS

The FRT SLS is a fast optical line sensor for applications where high measuring speeds are required. Typical applications are the determination of 3D...

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Whoever has the clear view is in first place: the right solution for measurement tasks from optics

No matter whether large lenses or micro optics, the systems are becoming more complex, with multiple production processes and have already...

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The MicroProf® family is growing: The MicroProf® TL

The FRT MicroProf® TL is the newest member of the MicroProf® series. Like any other MicroProf®, the ‘TL’ (thermal load) is an optical surface...

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You always know who is putting today: the MicroProf® MHU

For many industrial applications it is necessary to perform measurements fully automatically with high throughput rates. For this purpose an automatic...

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The twin brother: The MicroProf® FE

The FRT MicroProf® FE is our standard tool for automated 2D/3D wafer metrology. It combines the capabilities of the worldwide established MicroProf®...

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The first Metrology Tuesday in the new look with the MicroProf® FS

The FRT MicroProf® FS is a fully automatic device for wafer metrology, which can be adapted to many applications.

Flexibility and versatility are key...

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FRT 4.0 – with High Speed into the Future!

In May 2017 FRT GmbH starts its Relaunch Year. FRT has grown up with its very successful 3. generation metrology systems and a new design. Much of the...

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