Sapphire and LED

Although LEDs are now everywhere, not all light bulbs have been exchanged. Not all possible structural shapes of LED and OLED technology have been developed. And not all possible applications of this versatile lighting have been recognized. The substrate sector for these products also offers a great potential. FRT helps you to shed light on these possibilities and finally to make your way - we don't want to remain in the dark after all.

Sapphire/LED Sample Thickness/TTV Sapphire/LED Global/Local Wafer Parameters Sapphire/LED Roughness Sapphire/LED Topography Top/Bottom Sapphire/LED Topography (Shape, Structure) Sapphire/LED Bumps Sapphire/LED Step Height/Width Sapphire/LED Waviness Sapphire/LED Roll-Off Amount (RoA)/Edge Trim