MST / MEMS / Nano

Music everywhere: in personal devices or in your car - MEMS set the tone. And they drive the IoT, the Internet of Things. A new industry is on its way daily creating new ideas and applications. We help to produce the required technologies - from their development to the final product.

MST/MEMS/NANO Wafer Thickness/TTV MST/MEMS/NANO Topography (Shape, Structure) MST/MEMS/NANO Global/Local Wafer Parameters MST/MEMS/NANO Step Height / Width MST/MEMS/NANO VIAS/TSV MST/MEMS/NANO Trenches MST/MEMS/NANO Membran Bow MST/MEMS/NANO Thermal Load MST/MEMS/NANO BGA/Bumps MST/MEMS/NANO Roughness MST/MEMS/NANO Film Thickness/Layer Stack MST/MEMS/NANO Sample Thickness (IR) MST/MEMS/NANO Bow/Warp MST/MEMS/NANO Stress MST/MEMS/NANO Roll-Off Amount (RoA)/Edge Trim