The art of metrology™

Art – that is the interaction of craft, knowledge, experience, creativity and passion.

We at FRT transform more than 20 years’ experience, top-notch knowledge and complex technologies into creative solutions for our customers. Our mission is the art of metrology - with good reasons! Every fibre, every employee, and every product of FRT burns with passion for the optical metrology technology and for our customers’ success. Once you have witnessed us at work, you will never want to do without us!

But what means metrology?

Often confused with meteorology, the science of the Earth's atmosphere, metrology is the science of measuring. Our instruments perform a wide range of measuring tasks, all non-contact and non-destructive. From topography measurement, thickness measurement, roughness measurement to hybrid measurement - you can do it all with one of our MicroProf® tools. We not only measure your products, but also evaluate the results with our in-house designed software and prepare them in such a way that you can optimize your research or production with the results.

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