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The FRT GmbH manufactures powerful surface metrology tools for various sectors such as development, production, and quality control. Our high-quality and modern 3D surface measurement technology impresses customers around the world and creates enormous potential for optimization. Due to the design and construction of the multi-sensor devices the FRT tools can be used for a multitude of applications and can be easily and quickly retrofitted with required sensors. The advantages are obvious: you save space, time and costs. If so different parameters such as topography, roughness, structure, step height, wear and layer thickness are to be characterized, experts are required. Through years of experience, FRT GmbH has a unique know-how in surface measurement. In addition, the software developed over many years and constantly maintaines by our programming team is an important core competency. As global business partner we offer a worldwide service network and will accompany you as a reliable partner during the entire cooperation.



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FRT surface measurement tools – The perfect solution for each industry

The key to a perfect product is the fast and accurate measurement of surfaces of any kind in manufacturing. FRT metrology tools determine roughness, profile, topography, film thickness and many other surface parameters while setting new standards. We are driving your industry forward, see for yourself:

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